“Tim Anthony” Questions


10 Quick Questions With “Tim Anthony” Afternoons on KRTY!

T-A’s Favorite Country Stars:
Everyone we play is a Favorite in many different ways!

T-A’s Favorite Movies:
The Godfather Series
Early James Bond
Chevy Chase Comedys

T-A’s Favorite TV Shows:
Pawn Stars
Bizarre Foods
Parts Unknown
The Layover

T-A’s Favorite Books:
The Holy Bible
Dummies Self Help Books

T-A’s Favorite Foods:
Mom’s Fried Chicken
Mom-In-Law’s Soy Sauce/Worchester/Onion Basted Chicken
Wife’s Kraut ‘n Ribs

T-A’s Favorite Beverages:
Mocha Frappuccino
Ginger Ale
Cranberry Juice

Scotch and Soda w/a Twist

T-A’s Hobbies:
Computer Repair and Building
Cooking Something Good

T-A’s Biggest Career Influences:
The late Dr. Don Rose of KFRC who told me to be myself and I’d make it!

John Stone, KWIN-Stockton, who couldn’t trust mornings to anyone else!
Mike Preston, KWSS-San Jose, who believed in me and got me out of Stockton and into a wild radio ride!
My buddies John Mac Flanagan and Don Sainte Johnn from KFRC who always encouraged me!
Bob Young & Tom Weidel-KNCI-Sacramento who knew I could “DO” Country!
Lee Logan-KSAN-San Francisco who heard it and kept it “Rollin’ in the City!”
Julie Stevens-KRTY-San Jose who allows me to continue “Havin’ Fun Daily!”

T-A’s Needs If Stranded On A Desert Island:
My Wife, My Grill, A Couple Of Hammocks, Rod and Reel and A Fresh Water Spring!

T-A’s Biggest Turn Offs:
Talent Lacking Yelling Radio Announcers!
Name Droppers
Bad Breath
Hot Pie or Cake