Secret Sound

Listen for the chance to guess the Secret Sound Monday with Gary & Julie each weekday 6am-9am then again from 2pm-6pm with John McLeod on Country Gold 1590 KLIV. Guess that sound and win the jackpot!

The jackpot goes up $100 each day the sound is not guessed correctly. 

To play the contest, listen weekdays 6am-9am [CALL: 408-753-5789] and then from 2pm-6pm [CALL: 408-459-0015] to make your guess!


$1300 going in my pocket
A Blender blending something
A card hitting spokes on bicycle tires
A Christmas elf using a wratchet wrench
A Hummingbird flapping it’s wings
A key winding up a grandfather clock
a lap counter
A mouse trap springing.
A roulette wheel spinning
Adjusting the squelch on a CB radio
Air Nail Gun
aluminum blinds falling down hitting the window sill
An aluminum lawn chair hitting the cement
Applying a tattoo
Arcade game printing tickets
Automatic salt grinder, grinding salt
bingo ball falling into the number slot
Blowing a duck call whistle
Blowing a duck whistle
Blowing your nose
Brushing tangles out of your hair
Buckling a seatbelt
Buzzer on an old school dryer
camera shutter on an i-phone
Carseat toy that makes a buzzing sound
castanets snapping together
CD going through a shredder
Clapping a plastic clapper
clicking a button into place on a push button pull (THERE ARE NO TYPOS ON THAT ONE)
clicking a caribeaner
clicking a mouse on a computer
clicking a pen
Clicking of handcuffs
clicking your seatbelt together
clipping a dog collar on
Closing a chapstick tube
Closing a large binder clip
Closing an electronic security gate
Closing can opener on a can
Closing some handcuffs
Cloth ripping when you get your eyebrows waxed
Coffee bean grinder, grinding coffee
Coffee grinder grinding coffee beans
Collapsing the handle on an umbrella
Connectic balls in motion
Connection between the bumper car and the roof while it’s moving
Cooking Tin Foil in the microwave
Cranking the handle on a snowcone machine to make shaved ice
Cubs knocking the Dodgers out of playoffs
Cutting a burnt piece of toast
Cutting a plant with garden shears
cutting citrus off a tree
Cutting wrapping paper by sliding the scissors
Deflating a balloon
Dialing an old school rotary phone
Drilling into teeth at the dentists office
Drilling into the ground with a drill
driving over the “no backup” spikes
EBS Test on TV
Electric knife carving a turkey
Electric toothbrush brushing
Ending the transmission on a walkie-talkie
Flicking small butane lighter
Fridge Closing
fuel nozzle at gas station clicking off
Grandfather clock ticking
Hand validation stamp
Hitting a fly with an electrice fly swatter
hitting a key on a typewriter
hitting a space bar on a keyboard
Hitting a tamborine once
Hitting space bar on key board
ice cream scooper dropping ice cream
Ignighting a butane lighter
imprinting a credit card
Inserting money in a coin operated washing machine
Jumping on a pogo stick
Keying a car
Knife spreading butter on toast
Letting the air out of a blood pressure cuff
loading a Pez Dispenser
loading a shotgun
Locking a car door
locking a padlock
locking an i-phone
machine dispensing a Hershey Kiss
Machine that makes the sound of snapping fingers
Magnetic balls coming together
making a selection on a juke box
making change on a change belt
Manually rewinding a VCR tape
Marbles banging together
Mousetrap going off
moving the checker up two places on the board
Needle scratching a vinyl record
Neon Sign buzzing on a wall
New Year’s Eve party toy spinning
Old fashioned stapler
Old Typewriter
Opening a bad door hinge
Opening a band-aid
Opening a briefcase
Opening an old squeaky shed
opening an umbreall
Opening the side wing window of Cadillac Coupe Deville
Operating a SF cable car
Palm sander sanding
Peeling a rubber bathmat off the bottom of a bath tub
Peeling the sticker off a bag of coffee
pen clicking
Playing a wooden musical instrument with serrated wooden edges(Guiro)
Playing cards in bicycle spoke spinning
Playing whack-a-mole
Plugging a guitar into an amp
Plugging into a bad plug
Popping bubble wrap
Projector projecting a movie
Puching a time card in an old time clock
Pulling a sticker off a box
Pulling a toy car back and letting it go
Pulling floss out of it’s container
Pulling light switch string
Pulling out a retractable badge holder
Pulling out a tape measure
Pulling the cork out of a wine bottle
pulling the lever on a pinball machine to shoot the ball
Pulling the trigger on a hot wheel car
Pulling two pieces of clothing apart and creating static cling
punching a hole with a hole punch
Purim grabber
Pushing a button on a pinball flipper
Pushing button down on toaster
Pushing button on a cell phone camera and holding it down
Pushing button on refrigerator to change ice to crush from cube
Pushing down a date stamp
pushing down on a flashlight button
Pushing the ignitor on a propane BBQ
Pushing the pilot light button down
Pushing the toaster handle down and it doesn’t engage
Putting a cell phone in a car holder and squeezing the side to secure it
Putting a credit card into an ATM machine and it locks
Putting air in a tire but the nozzle isn’t connected right
putting money in a parking meter
Putting plugs in a hair piece
Putting the clip in a staple gun
Putting up roof shingles with a nail gun
Razor cutting hair
RCA race cars racing around the track
Recharging the Sizzler car in a Hot Wheels set
Recoiling a spring on a trampoline
Releasing the steam in the milk froth of an espresso machine
Retracting a box-cutter
Retracting a dog leash
Rewinding a VCR tape in the machine
Ringing a doorbell
Ripping a check out of checkbook
Ripping perforated paper out of notebook
Ripping the end off an envelope
ruler slapping against a desk
Running the teeth of a comb across a bristle mat
Running thumb down the side of a pad of paper
Running your fingers across the teeth of a comb
Scraping snow offa windshield
Scraping the bottom of your shoe on the sidewalk
Scratching concrete with a nail
Setting a kitchen timer
Shaking a magnetic paperclip holder to get the paperclip out
shaking a shaker cup
sharpening a knife
Sharpening a pencil with an electric pencil sharpener
Shaved ice maker shaving ice
Shooting a cap gun
shooting salt from a salt gun
Shot paintball zipping past your ear
Shuffling a deck of cards
Sitting on a bed
sliding a latch on a file cabinet
snapping a head on an electric razor
Snapping fingers
snapping the battery cover on a remote control
soda machine dispensing a soda
someone texting on a phone
spinning a socket wrench
Spinning a spur on the back of a boot
Spinning the numbers on a 4 digit pad lock
Spinning the prize wheel
Squeak of a porch swing
Squeak when opening a cooler
stamper stamping
Stamping a time stamp
Staple remover
stepping on a bag of chips
Sticking something in a fan so it catches on the blade
striking a striker on an acetylene torch
Striking an empty electric lighter
Stripping the screw when you’re drilling
Taking picture with an old style camera
tap dance shoe dancing
Tearing off a piece of aluminum foil
Tearing the tear strip on a box of cellophane
the brake release on a roller coaster
The clicking sound when you’re done filling the gas tank
The drag on a fishing reel
The rotary dial spinning back into place on a rotary phone
The twist-it sound on a Bop-It toy
Tightening a high chair
Tightening the inner lid of a gas tank
Time buzzer at basketball game going off
Tipping over a heater when it’s on
Torch lighter
Touching Negative and Positive jumper cables when it’s attached to a battery
trimming a shrub or tree with pruning shears
Trying to start a car
Turning a combination lock on a safe
Turning a dial on a quarter vending machine
Turning a dial on a washing machine
turning a key in a lock
Turning a pencil in a sharpener
Turning a timer on and quickly turning it off
Turning an egg timer
turning off an i-pad
Turning on a wireless beard trimmer
Turning the cable box off
Turning the knob on an old school washing machine
Turning the knob on an old TV
Turning the knob to set a timer
Turning the timer on the game of perfection
Twisting the Boppit Game
Twisting the cap to a child proof lid
Typing on an old typewriter
Using a flint striker
Using an electric handsaw to cut a 2X4
Using correction tape in a typewriter
Using the flippers on a pinball machine
Using the white-out roller
Wheel stopping on a slot machine
when you hook the live wire to the bolts in Frankenstein’s neck
Whip cream coming out of a pressurized can
winding the anti-theft device to take it off merchandise
wind-up teeth chattering
zipping a zipper