2017 Song & Wine Series

95.3 KRTY and the Del Grande Dealer Group are proud to present the 2017 Song & Wine Series at Clos La Chance Winery.

Last year we told you we had “gone all out”! This year is even better! We’re bringing you the songwriters behind some of your favorite country songs. Doors open at 6pm for all shows – show begins promptly at 7:30pm. All shows at Clos La Chance Winery are 21 and over. There are no outside beverages allowed, with the exception of sealed bottled water. For more information, visit clos.com


2017 Song & Wine Series Special Guests 

May 19
Kristian Bush
Phil ODonnell
Luke Combs
Ryan Hurd

June 16
Shane McAnally
Liz Rose
Seth Ennis
Walker Hayes

July 14
D Vincent Williams
Wyatt Durante
Wendell Mobley
Scotty Emerick

August 18
Mallory Hope
Chuck Wicks
Dan Couch
Lee Thomas Miller

September 22
Luke Laird
Danielle Bradbery
Lori McKenna
Barry Dean



  • Allan Andersen

    Song and wine serie,sold where,you say here is that at the radio station or on the web site

    • dan belveal

      Allan i have the same question did you ever get the answer?

      • lauren

        Tickets are only sold HERE at the website. A link will be posted on this page at 9am to purchase them.

    • lauren

      Tickets are only sold HERE at the website. A link will be posted on this page at 9am to purchase them.

    • Glenn Payne

      Click on the red “HERE” in the text above – they’ll be available online 🙂

      • Lori Morrow-Pichotta

        Thank you, Glenn! 🙂

  • Rockin G Ranch

    ok at the station or only On Line?… Or I click the ” Here” button and it goes to CloeLeChance Winery?..

  • Rockin G Ranch

    remember when posting info: Who, What, When, and Where… then your Bs can come next

  • Michelle Grialou

    Wow. Where was the mention of a promotional code??? Wouldn’t let me purchase without adding that. Sold out in under 30 seconds. Completely blows.

  • Lorie Sabbatini Moore

    Wow! was online at 9am and already unavailable! what a bunch of crap!

  • Michelle Grialou

    +1 Lorie
    Seems like they sold out well before 9am.

    • Sherri Richardson

      I got on right at 9 and I was able to get a ticket so they weren’t sold out before 9!

  • Michelle Grialou

    Oh this is funny. Gary just said on the radio that tickets are on sale now. NOT!

  • Sabrina19

    Why can’t I buy tickets! Went on line right at 9 and it says no tickets available.. 🙁

  • Sabrina19

    Gary and Julie — fix this! We want to go to the Song Writer Series… we have been going for 3 years.

  • Michelle Wright

    Now says sold out but no one could purchase them?!

  • Chad

    What kind of BS scam was this I was online well before 9 and they were never available

    • Sabrina19


      • Michelle Grialou

        I called the station and the woman told me a bunch of nonsense. Said it was because everyone was online at the same time and thanks for calling. :-/

    • Debra Octavio

      Ditto! This is very disappointing. This makes me think you just wanted to keep us listening to your program for ratings.

    • Sherri Richardson

      I got on right at 9 and I got a ticket. It was not a scam!

  • Gayle Deluca

    I agree. The same thing happened to me. I was online before 9 am waiting and then every time I tried they were unavailable. Perhaps a larger venue is needed.

  • Realist

    Not a scam. It’s a supply and demand thing and a whole lot of luck.

    • Charles S Fannin

      Exactly! They have a great thing going in these concerts, they are inexpensive, and it’s a small venue. Virtually everyone who has attended in the past wants to attend again, and we all tell others who want to attend. The result – More demand than tickets. They could go to a bigger venue, and lose much of the cool factor. Or, they could raise prices until there are only Teslas in the parking lot. They have kept it affordable, and kept the ambience, which results in high demand.

  • Gina Hoeft

    much preferred purchasing at the KRTY store, it was more fun, and seemed a bit more equitable. Sad that we didn’t get tickets, and will try for the individual shows, but don’t have high hopes… sad

  • I was online at 9am that day with everyone else, and luckily got our two season passes. Hopefully y’all stayed tuned in and got your single show tickets when they went on sale on April 17th. Love the songwriters nights and fun with friends at Clos!

  • Michelle Wright

    I am looking for an extra pair of tickets to this Friday’s show (May 19th). Please reply to this if any are available. Thanks!

    • Megan Schott

      Hi Michelle, I have 2 extra tickets! Text me 408-857-7056.

  • jbcompton

    I am looking for 2 tickets to the June 16 show. Please reply to jb at 408 529 1424. Thanks

  • Megan Schott

    Looking for 2 tickets to the September 22nd show!

  • Barbie Locatelli Taormina

    I’m looking for two tickets for the June 16th show!

    • Dawn Brozinick Georgiou

      I have tickets if you still need them DG text 408 406-5372. $40 each

  • Trevor

    Looking for one ticket to the June 16th show. 510-755-2471, Trevor.

  • Dawn Brozinick Georgiou

    Selling tickets for friends that cancelled. At cost $40 each for this Friday’s Show, June 16th.
    Text DG 408 406-5372. I purchased through the winery so don’t have tickets to transfer. Will be attending so will meet you there to check you in on my list. Will collect cash from you at check it so no worrries.

  • Jennifer

    Looking for 2 tickets to the June 16th show! Text or call me at 408-802-3224 please!!

  • Ryan

    Would really really love 2 tickets to the September 22 show. Please let me know if you are looking to sell. 650.823.1009

  • Andrew Orepeza

    looking for 2 tix to tonights show please text me!
    925 418 9072

  • Cindy

    I’m looking for one extra ticket for the August 18th show if anyone has one. 310.619.0472

  • Jaime Rieckhoff

    I have a ticket for sale for the July 14th show if anyone needs one! I can forward it to you… I have paypal.

  • Megan Schott

    Got scammed on Craig’s List 🙁 Looking for 2 tickets to the September 22 show!! 408-857-7056

  • Elan Cramer

    Hi there, I’m looking for tickets to the July 14th, August 18th, or September 22nd shows. Please contact me if you have any available. Thanks!