Play The Secret Sound!

Do You Know What The SECRET SOUND IS?  You can’t WIN if You don’t Play!  You have TWO ways to WiN!

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Guess Right and You’ll Win the Current Jackpot! The Secret Sound Jackpot goes up $100 each day the Sound is not guessed!

Here are the Incorrect Guesses….

A plastic phonograph
Adding numbers on a 10 key adding machine
A wooden washboard instrument
A concrete mixer spinning around
A nutcracker
A kid’s big wheel on concrete
A box of dog biscuits being poured out
A fork or piece of metal rubbing on a piece of wood
A ping pong ball
A pinball game loading a ball
A vehicle retractable seat belt
A Plinko chip falling through the game on the Price is Right
A roller coaster coming into it’s stop
A roulette wheel
A chain dragging over wood
A slot machine
A retractable cord being drug on the ground
A ball rolling around inside a balloon
A coin being shaken in a plastic bottle
A toy car or truck rubbing on something
A car lock locking
A doorknob
A horse bumping int a horse stable
A deck of cards hitting the top of a table
A kid playing in a ball pit
A plunger unclogging a toilet
A drywall saw
A soda can dropping out of a vending machine
A pinsetter at a bowling alley
A bingo tumbler tumbling the balls
A copy machine
A billiard ball rolling down a pool table
A coffee machine
A coffee maker
A clogged drain being unclogged
A flag waving in the wind
A cat scratching a cardboard box
A cash register
A hole punch
A whoopee cushion
A motorcycle running
A windup desk toy
An ice maker
A motorcycle backfiring
A dropped plastic cup bouncing from top to bottom
A plastic cup in a garbage disposal
A garbage disposal

Blowing on a straw in a glass of milk
Building blocks falling
Bowling pins falling
Boiling eggs
Bubble wrap
Balloons blowing in the wind
Balls rolling around in a cardboard box

Cleaning out a dryer vent
Cleaning off a golf ball in a machine at the course
Closing a tv tray
Coffee percolating in a coffee pot
Charcoal rolling out of a bar-be-q pit when cleaning it
Closing a drawer on a copy machine
Closing the glove box in a car
Crushing an aluminum can in a can crusher

Drumming with two water bottles
Dropping a cell phone into water and it gets all messed up
Dropping a stack of wood
Dropping a big old stack of books into a book drop
Dice rolling around in a cup
Dropping a coin into a video machine as you get ready to play
Dispensing paper towels from a paper towel dispenser
Drinking the last drop from a soda can
Dropping a phone
Dropping a telephone receiver
Dropping a microphone
Dropping a cellphone when recording something
Dumping a 12 pack  into an ice chest

Empty plastic water bottles bouncing around in the trunk of a car

Flippers on a pinball machine
Flipping a cassette over in a cassette machine
Fumbling your cellphone

Getting a strike in bowling
Gumballs falling out of a gumball machine
Golf balls going into a bucket at the driving range

Hanging up the receiver of an old school corded telephone
Horse hooves on concrete
Horses on wood

Ice spinning in a blender
Ice coming out of a refrigerator ice maker

Jenga game pieces falling out when you take a piece out



Moving a tackle box
Manually adjusting your car seat
Moving a trash can
Moving tables
Manually trying to unclog a garbage disposal


Opening a glove box, putting something in and closing it
Old school suitcase latch on a suitcase

Playing a pellet drum
Putting together a one piece cardboard box
Picking up the receiver of an old school corded telephone
Punching a speed punching bag
Pulling handle on skeeball game to release balls
Putting food in a food processor
Playing foosball
Pool balls dropping on a coin op pool table
Popcorn popping
Playing skeeball
Putting a tape into a v-c-r
Putting briquets into a bar-b-q


Rolling pencils on the top of a table
Rolling up the top of a roll top desk
Removing the nozzle from a gas pump
Rolling down rocks into a chute

Something in a construction zone
Struggling to hang up an old telephone
Shuffling a deck of cards
Sponges on an automatic car wash spinning down
Something in the dryer
Sifting through a stack of pages in a book or paperwork
Somebody falling off their roller skates
Scraping ice off of a windshield
Stacking cups in a cup stacking competition
Spinning the KRTY Prize Wheel
Skeeballs re-stacking on an arcade game
Setting up a sidewalk basketball hoop
Slamming a drawer on a metal file cabinet

Trying to get ketchup out of  a plastic squeeze bottle
The wheel on the Wheel of Fortune TV Game
Two kayaks bumping into each other
The conveyor belt at the dry cleaners
The sound of plugging in a guitar into an amp
Typewriter keys all stuck together on old school typewriter
The sound of GST’s brain rattling around in his head when asking questions
Trying to put a lid on some Tupperware
Tumbling a ball in a box
Typing on a keyboard
Turning off a garbage disposal
Tapping on wood or whatever with your fingers
The sound a body worn mic makes when you move
The sound a pitching machine makes

Using a straw to drink the final sips of soda out of a fast food paper cup
Using a manual pencil sharpener
Underwater camera being tossed around by waves


Wind blowing the United States Flag
Water warming up in a Keurig coffee maker
When someone starts texting when talking to you on your cellphone
Wooden balls returning on a Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk game