Q:  I need to call KRTY to get some information.  What is the phone number?
A:  KRTY’s Business Office Number is (408) 293-8030.

Q:  I would like to Request a Song to be played on KRTY.  What is the phone number I would call?
A:  KRTY’s On-Air/Contest Line is (408) 753-KRTY (753-5789)

Q:  I signed up for the KRTY BACKSTAGE PASS, but don’t seem to be receiving anything from you.  How do I find out if anything has been sent to me?
A: Don’t forget to check your “JUNK” folder.  The SPAM filter has to be trained to recognize GOOD mail.

Q:  You mention on the KRTY Website that concert tickets can only be purchased during normal business hours.  What are KRTY’s normal business hours?
A: 9AM-5PM, Monday thru Friday ONLY.  The Business Office, located at 750 Story Rd, San Jose, is NOT Open on Weekends and Major Holidays.

Q:  If I purchase Concert Tickets at KRTY, can I charge it to a credit card or write a check?
A:  Sorry, but we can only accept CASH for transactions at the KRTY Business Office.

Q:  If I Win Concert Tickets from KRTY, Can I pick them up right away?
A:  Sometimes.  If the concert is within a few days, tickets should be available.  If the concert is  MONTHS Later, they should be available 2 weeks prior to the show.

Q:  How would we find out about positions available or any other upcoming opportunities to apply for?
A:  Click on EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES at the bottom of this page or the KRTY Mainpage.

Q:  Where do I go to VOTE for the Tuesday On-Air Music Meeting new songs?
A:  On the right side of the Mainpage.  Look for “ON-AIR MUSIC MEETING POLL.”

Q:  I like listening to KRTY, but live outside of San Jose and can’t get it on my radio.  Do you have an option to listen on-line?
A:  Click on “LISTEN LIVE” on the KRTY Homepage in the upper RIGHT CORNER.
Q:  I like KRTY but live outside of San Jose.  My computer uses dial-up and KRTY doesn’t stream right.  Do I have any other listening options?
A: You can listen to KRTY on Comcast Digital Channel 970.

Q: I have listened to the KRTY Live Stream before but now when I hit the LISTEN LIVE button on your website it does not work. The player displays but no audio comes out, how can I fix it?
A: Clear cookies, temp files, and history. Do not use a bookmark, try using the link on the KRTY homepage.

Q: How can I listen to KRTY on my cell phone?
A: From the KRTY.com Homepage, CLICK the LISTEN LIVE button in the upper right corner.  It is recommended you have an unlimited data plan with your provider standard rates apply.

Q:  KRTY plays a Justin Moore song “Small Town USA” where he sings “Friday night at the Rodeo Club, etc.”  Is that version available from KRTY? 
A: Copyright laws do not allow us to share this song or any other song, sorry.

Q:  How come you guys don’t have a Music playlist that I can look at on your website?
A:  We do, On the Right Hand side near the middle of the Mainpage!

Q:  I found an error on the website.  Who do I contact to let you guys know?
A:   Send the info to: ldisalvi@empirebroadcasting.com