Cheesy Bacon Bombs

Cheesy Bacon Bombs - AKA RIDICULOUS!

1 Can (8 ct.) Pillsbury Grands Buttermilk Biscuits - Or whatever store brand you like, or in my case, whatever's on sale

Cubed Mozzarella Cheese - let's be honest, string cheese it the easiest way! Use 6 1/2 pieces of string cheese

2 lbs. of Bacon, 1 slice per Bomb - and really, you're frying it, no need to buy the super expensive bacon, whatever's on sale is fine

Sticks - you can use toothpicks (NOT the colored ones!) Or bamboo skewers that have been cut in half

Oil for frying - I prefer Canola oil, but peanut oil is great if you can afford it!

Pop open your can of biscuits and separate them. Cut each one into quarters (like a pizza) and set them aside.

If you're using string cheese, cut each stick into 5 pieces. If you're using a block of cheese, cube it any way you'd like, just make sure your cubes aren't too big to fit in one of the biscuit triangles.

Open your bacon and throw away the package - place the bacon on a plate or tray lined with paper towels so the excess juice is absorbed (have you ever put something WET into HOT oil?! Hello splatter burns!)

Ok, now we're ready to assemble the BBs (Bacon Bombs). Flatten out one biscuit triangle and place cube of cheese in center. Fold the biscuit up around the cheese and pinch it together, sealing it as best you can. (You can make all your biscuit/cheese balls first, and then wrap them with bacon if you'd prefer). Grab one slice of bacon and wrap it all the way around the biscuit/cheese ball and secure with a tooth pick/skewer. Repeat until all your BBs are assembled.

Heat oil in a large pot until a bit of biscuit dropped in instantly bubbles and fries. If you have a deep fryer - great! If not, well, use the pot, like I do! Fry 3-4 BBs at a time, and drain on cooling wrack lined with paper towels (let's be honest, if you don't have a cooling rack, that's fine, just let them drain for a bit and then move them to a dry location)

These are best if served really hot, but I can almost guarantee that they'll be devoured if you bring them to a party an hour after you've cooked them!

As per Gary's tip, you can try them served with marinara sauce - I'll let you know how that goes in 2 weeks when I make them for my best friend's BBQ!


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