Diana's Kraut and Ribs


Diana's Kraut & Ribs
So Yummy So Easy!


1 Rack of Pork Spareribs
1 Onion (sliced in medium thick rings)
1 Jar Sauerkraut
Salt & Pepper (to taste)


Cut spareribs into single portions (trim any additional fat if you want).
Add a small amount of oil into a hot preheated frypan. 
Add ribs a few at a time and brown completely on both sides. 
When ribs are all browned, drain off all fat .
Add back about a tablespoon or so of oil. 
Add onions, lower heat and cook onions till limp. 
Add sauerkraut, brine and all (if you want it a bit milder,
rinse sauerkraut, pack back into jar and add water till filled and add to pan.) 
Toss all together. 


Slow Cooker or Regular Pot method.  Both the same way in either pot.

Layer an amount of kraut/onion mixture in pot, add ribs, repeat ending with kraut/onion mix.

Slow Cooker method should be set at low and will be very well done when you get home from work.

Pot Method cover tightly and cook on medium heat about an hour. 

Good Stuff!

Believe it or not, I like these with Steamed Rice. 
My wife Diana likes it with Egg Noodles or German Knopfle (dumplings.)