Eric The Real Deal "Man of Steele"

Born and raised in the capital of the corn-belt, Iowa.  He graduated from a St. Ambrose University on the border of Iowa and Illinois where he got his start in radio at his college radio station. 

KRTY's resident rocker worked at rock stations in Iowa before making the leap to LA to pursue comedy gold. 

In 2006, he moved to the bay area.  After hearing about a talent competition KRTY was doing at Club Rodeo, Eric performed and won a qualifying week.  He turned his win into a promotional job and then triumphantly resurrected his radio career. 

His main goal is to have fun while entertaining KRTY's loyal listeners. His life is lived to make people smile.  You can also see Eric do stand-up comedy at many of the bay area comedy clubs.  His business card describes him best "Writer, Comedian, Golden Voice, and Lover?"
Some of Eric's influences are Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Gilda Radner, Weird Al Yankovic, Rodney Carrington, Jeff Foxworthy, Van Halen(on eight track), and all the people he has met on this twisted little roller coaster called life.

"Live well, love much, and LAUGH often!"


See Eric Flying High for the 2012 Salinas Airshow (CLICK HERE)