June 20, 2016

“Finding Dory”

Disney and Pixar have another huge hit on their hands, as the animated feature Finding Dory swam its way into an opening weekend box office that grossed $136.2 million in its North American debut.

That makes Finding Dory the highest-grossing animated debut of all time, quite an accomplishment as the sequel comes some 13 years after Finding Nemo.

Up until this success, the biggest opening for Emeryville-based Pixar was Toy Story 3 at $110.3 million.

While some critics have proclaimed Finding Dory to be better than Finding Nemo, I’ll stop short of that, but I’ll still sing its praises.

The animation is brilliant, the characters are terrific, and as is the case with any good film, it’s solid storytelling.

Kudos to directors Andrew Stanton and Angus MacLane, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Victoria Strouse and Bob Peterson.  

The interesting cast of voice talents, ranging from Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks to Ed O’Neil and Ty Burrell from Modern Family – all help make Finding Dory a wonderful cinematic entertainment for a broad audience.

Almost as equally impressive was an animated short that runs immediately before Finding Dory, titled Piper.  It’s the story about a baby sandpiper, arguably the most adorable character Pixar has created. 

Be sure to find your way to the theatre to catch these engaging films soon, and be sure to stay with Finding Dory until the very end of the credits for a fun closing scene. 

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