MPAA Rating: R (for sexual material, full frontal nudity, language throughout, and drug and alcohol content)

“Bad Moms” is not a bad movie.  It’s just not exactly a very good movie.

If one can get past the shallow plot, character stereotypes, and the continual dropping of “F-bombs” throughout the dialogue, one might find the flick to be rather entertaining.

What makes the journey bearable is the cast, headed by Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn, who play a trifecta of fed-up moms who join forces to take back their kids’ school from the clutches of an overbearing PTA diva, portrayed by Christina Applegate.

Directed and co-written by Jon Lucas, who brought us the three “Hangover” films, there should be no surprise about the in-your-face type of comedy we experience in “Bad Moms.”

There’s no doubt the movie has struck a chord with its target audience, and there’s no doubt that I am not among that target audience.  At the showing I attended recently, I was one of only two men among the moviegoers.  The film is being marketed as a great “ladies night out” entertainment option.

“Bad Moms” is so over-the-top and filled with what some might deem “potty humor” and offensive language, that it has become a guilty pleasure for some audiences that enjoyed it immensely but who may be a bit anxious to recommend it to others.

In the end, the moms depicted in the movie aren’t really bad – they just do some bad things.

One bit of advice: if you see “Bad Moms,” be sure to stay during the credits for some nice vignettes with the cast and their real mothers.  It’s actually delightful and, thankfully, not one “F-bomb” is dropped during the sequence!

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