Movie review by Brian Adams
Opening Date: November 4, 2016
MPAA Rating: PG (for some mild rude humor)

Although the animated feature “Trolls” from DreamWorks may be knocked down a few places in the box office returns rankings by newer releases such as Disney’s “Moana” or the Harry Potter prequel from Warner Bros., “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” it is still likely to be a film of choice for many younger audiences during the holiday season.

The movie has a lot going for it for audiences of all ages, actually.  The fact that the characters are based on toys that were popular in the 1960s certainly appeals to my generation.  Plus the fantastical, almost psychedelic, animation is visually pleasing.  Add those components to a stellar soundtrack that runs the gamut of oldies such as Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “September” up to the hit summer of 2016 Justin Timberlake song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” there’s little wonder as to why “Trolls” has been embraced at the multiplex.

Sure, the story about the little Trolls fending off attacks by the large Bergens, who only find happiness once the little creatures are devoured, is simply a twist on good versus evil found in so many other films.  But the clever script that meshes silliness with poignancy, written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger of “Kung Fu Panda” fame, and the creative use of music, which was overseen by Timberlake, makes this a standout cinematic offering.

Joining Timberlake as voice talent for “Trolls” are such performers as Anna Kendrick, Zooey Deschanel, Russell Brand, John Cleese, Jeffrey Tambor, James Corden, and Gwen Stefani.

If you’re seeking escape from some of your burdens, even for 90 minutes, spend that time with “Trolls” and you’ll likely to feel a bit better.  The creatures are magical, after all.

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