Movie Review
“Manchester by the Sea”
Release Date: December 16, 2016
MPAA Rating: R (for language throughout and some sexual content)

The critically acclaimed film “Manchester by the Sea,” is a brilliantly crafted story that is completely gut wrenching.

Written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan, the film centers around Lee Chandler, played convincingly by Casey Affleck, a loner living in Boston who must reluctantly return home to Manchester by the Sea and become his nephew’s guardian in the wake of the death of his brother, played by Kyle Chandler. 

Why Lee is the way he is becomes revealed in a series of flashbacks as the story unfolds.  The depth of the sense of agonizing loss is conveyed in such a strong way that this feeling is likely to remain with the filmgoer long after the closing credits. 

Michelle Williams is also quite strong as Lee’s former wife, and perhaps almost as strong as Affleck’s performance is that of young actor Lucas Hedges as nephew Patrick.  I’d look for Oscar nominations for both, in Lead and Supporting Actor categories respectively.

“Manchester by the Sea” is among the top best films of 2016; a rare film that is the result of a strong story, truthful writing, skillful direction, and solid performances. 

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