“Rough Night”

Release Date: June 16, 2017

MPAA Rating: R (for crude sexual content, language throughout, drug use and brief bloody images)


“Rough Night” is a rough movie.

On the surface, this may appear to be a female version of “The Hangover.”  But it’s not.

Here we have a group of former college classmates (Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Kravitz, Jillian Bell, and Iliana Glazer) who reunite for a Miami Beach bachelorette party.  Kate McKinnon of “Saturday Night Live” fame is also along for the ride as an Australian friend of the bride-to-be (Johansson).  Throw-in Ty Burrell and Demi Moore as a couple of swingers living next door to the party house rental, and you’ve got the makings for some very rude and crude humor, with emphasis on crude.

Director Lucy Aniello is working off the screenplay she co-wrote with Paul W. Downs.

While there are certainly some funny moments, there’s an overall uncomfortableness to this film, with plot-points including an accidental death that becomes the center of the story.

The cast is undoubtedly talented, but they simply cannot rise above the rather dismal material.  Even the usually engaging McKinnon appears to be trying too hard to salvage the flick.

“Rough Night” needs a lot more polishing.

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