“Lady Bird”

Release Date: November 3, 2017 (limited)

MPAA Rating:  R (for language, sexual content, brief graphic nudity, and teen partying)

Contrary to what some folks of a certain age may think, “Lady Bird” has nothing to do with our country’s former First Lady during the Lyndon Johnson administration.

What the film does deal with is teen angst, centered on character Christine McPherson (Saoirse Ronan), a rather rebellious individual who prefers that she be called Lady Bird, residing in Sacramento and attending a conservative Catholic high school.   

Actress/screenwriter Greta Gerwig makes an impressive directorial debut with this film, working from her script that has autobiographical elements.  Gerwig, herself having been from Sacramento, uses the region as another character, as Christine’s high-strung mother Marion (Laurie Metcalf) seems to thrive there, while her soft-spoken father Larry (Tracy Letts) seems to live vicariously through his daughter and encourages her desire to leave home to attend college.

This character study plays out as more than the usual coming-of-age story, and there are solid performances by the entire cast, with Ronan and Metcalf the standouts. 

Indeed, “Lady Bird” takes flight on many levels. 

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