RELEASE DATE: April 3, 2020 (Streaming/DisneyNature)

Among the new films released and available on streaming is Elephant, a documentary from DisneyNature that chronicles a family of African elephants as they take their ancestral journey through the Kalahari Desert.

Director Mark Linfield heads a talented crew that brings us spectacular and engaging images in what is the 15th nature documentary released under the DisneyNature banner. There is plenty of drama and suspense in this film, largely due to skillful editing and the brilliant cinematography work by Martyn Colbeck and Mike Holding.

The weakest component of the film – the elephant in the room, as it were – is ironically the most hyped; that being the narration by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Some see this as Meghan Markle’s return to Hollywood. If so, one may only hope that her future roles will be more rewarding and better performed. The narration in Elephant was royally trite; the singsong-like delivery more suitable for the reading of a child’s bedtime story.

This may be one film worth viewing with the sound muted.