95.3 has been SOLD… But KRTY lives on!


It’s not goodbye, it’s come along with us…to KRTY.com.  even though we will soon be leaving the FM dial, we will still continue to play all the legendary country music you are used to right there at KRTY.com. Stream us in your car, at home, at work…you can stream us anywhere from KRTY.com. 

Nate Deaton (95.3 KRTY GM) Comments about the Sale of 95.3:

“Thank you to all of our amazing listeners, the Nashville Community of artists, labels and management and everyone else who has reached out the past 3 days. It is truly flattering to receive such love and support for me and my staff. The best part is it is not Goodbye, it is What’s Next!
Here are some answers to the most asked questions … KRTY will be on 95.3 until June 1. After that I am not sure at this moment. We did not sell the brand that is KRTY so at the very least we will live on at KRTY.com
All of the shows that are booked (and a couple we have not announced yet) will play as scheduled. That includes all of the Songwriters Shows at Clos LaChance through October. Further that series will continue in future years at the very least as a partnership between me and Clos LaChance.
Anyone with tickets to any show we have please don’t worry those shows will go on as planned
The process of the sale began when Bob Kieve passed away at age 98 back in May of 2020. The process really picked up steam last fall and this is the result of that.
The sale was not a surprise to the staff of the station. Our Board of Directors (of which I am one) honored Bob’s wishes with a very fair severance package for all of us.
While we don’t know what is next we know Country Music will live on here in the Bay Area. It’s possible another company would want our product on a different frequency on the radio. It’s possible we will have a digital radio station on KRTY.com. Or perhaps there is something else we don’t know at this time which is why we say It’s not Goodbye it’s What’s Next!
Once again thank you for the tremendous messages of support and encouragement. It is truly humbling to me and my staff the love we have been shown. Just please know that as much as you get from us on the radio we get back from you everyday.
More updates to follow.”