KRTY Personal Place

We are NOT CORPORATE RADIO, we are YOUR radio.  95.3 KRTY is starting a Personal Place right here on the radio.

KRTY’s Personal Place is what you want it to be! You can send out a personal message over the KRTY airwaves, dedicate a song, have a virtual lunch with a KRTY DJ, or even host your own 30-minute country radio show!

Some ideas for PERSONAL MESSAGES (of course we are not limited to these):

  • Birthday Greetings
  • Anniversary
  • School Announcements (ex: “Good luck your senior year”)
  • Birth Announcements ( also… “We’re pregnant”)
  • Engagement Announcement
  • Messages of Encouragement (ex: “To the nurses at Good Sam, keep up the good work”.)

Recorded in YOUR Voice – $100.00

Gary & Julie LIVE on the morning show – $150.00

YOU RADIO: Host your own 30-minute country music radio show – $300.00

Your very own 30-minute air shift on KRTY. During those 30 minutes you can play up to 5 songs of your choice, as long as they are on an approved list at KRTY, and you will have a chance to talk about the songs. You can say HI to your friends, you can talk about why you picked a certain song or you can just be a radio announcer.

All content must be approved by KRTY management. You will schedule a time to come and record the broadcast and it will play later in the week. 

Dedicate a song – $100.00

Record a message introducing a country song. You can dedicate it to a friend, family member, co-workers, etc. OR you can explain why the song has so much meaning to you and why you are requesting it.

All songs must be approved by KRTY management. 

Get Personal with Gary & Julie – $250.00

Gary & Julie get personal with YOU! Do you want an EPIC gender reveal? or how about you play a fun game on the air? Want to surprise a KRTY Super Fan with a phone call from Gary & Julie on their birthday?

Virtual Lunch with a DJ – $250.00

Reserved for the KRTY SUPER FAN:  KRTY DJs want to talk with you on your lunch hour! Or when you have a moment to spare between re-arranging your house for the 3rd time and taking meetings in your PJs. You and your household will get food delivered and a Zoom link to chat with your favorite KRTY DJ.

What will your KRTY Personal message be? 

  • Happy Birthdays, Share your Anniversary, Birth Announcement, Did you get engaged? All this and more. What will your personal message on-the-air be? Please select one.
  • Dedicate your favorite country song to your friends, family, co-workers, or even "they crew of essential workers" at your favorite grocery store. OR maybe you just want to hear your favorite song and tell everyone about it. Select your preference.
  • Host your own radio show on 95.3 KRTY. Shout out to your friends, talk about the songs... whatever you want.... it's YOU Radio! Please click to select.
  • It's like getting interviewed by Gary & Julie!
  • Have a face to face conversation with your favorite DJ. PLUS some tasty food delivered to your home.
  • $0.00


* All payments are due in advance. We accept credit card and check. After submission, a KRTY representative will be in contact with you to set-up payment and voice recording appointments. An MP3 copy of your on-air message or show will be made available to you upon request. Questions? Comments? Please email