Tony Michaels
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How long in radio?   “15 years… over 2 different stints”

How long at 95.3 KRTY?   “A very long time… 30 plus years”

Where are you from?   “Milpitas and Fremont”

What community do you reside in now?   “Irvington District in Fremont”

Family?    “Single with 2 kids. Cheyenne, 23, in grad school and Tyler, 19, in USMC”. 

Pets?    “2 rescue dogs. Karma and Buster.”

First or most memorable concerts or shows.   “Garth Brooks in 1990 at the Saddlerack. Junior Brown in 1995 in Nashville and FGL at Levi’s in 2014”.

What kind of shenanigans do you get into on your days off?   “Working out. Golf. Bowling. Movies. Hanging and doing things with the kids in town.”

Favorite food?  “PIZZA! Pepperoni, Jalapeno and Pineapple”

Favorite quote?   “Living the Dream”