Michael Moore
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How long in radio?   “I started in radio the summer of 1983 at KDON in Salinas California running the big band shows then eventually making my way on the air on their FM signal playing top 40 music.”

How long at KRTY?   “I started in May of 1997”

Where are you from?   “I am from Marina California a nice quiet community several miles north of Monterey.”

What community do you reside in now?   “I currently reside in the Evergreen community of San Jose.”

Family?    “I have a very wonderful and talented wife named Alda and two great daughters.” 

Pets?    “One dog.”

First or most memorable concert?   “My first memorable concert was seeing Janet Jackson in San Jose. It was memorable because I won my tickets from a radio station called Hot 977 in San Jose and got back stage passes. My first country concert was George Strait in the central valley.”

What kind of shenanigans do you get into on your days off?   Some hobbies i enjoy going to the gym and lifting weights and running, I also enjoy riding my mountain bike on some of the great south bay bike paths. I enjoy all kinds of music..just not polka.

Favorite food?  “I love all kinds of food especially Mexican food I enjoy my craft beers as well. Luckily I love working out or else I would be a lot heavier.”

Favorite quote?   “I am a fan of  Clint Eastwood movies from westerns to Dirty Harry and always loved the quote “go ahead make my day”. I think he has some of the funniest and most memorable quotes.”