You might know her as “Foodapedia” on Thursday mornings with Gary & Julie! But she’s also got a knack for talking. Pretty much all the time. And about anything: her husband (Frankie Sausage), food (what she made for dinner, a new restaurant she’s going to, how to cook a steak, etc.), her family (Momma Lynn, Poppa Leonard, her sister and brobro), country music (she sure loves Brett Eldredge, Sam Hunt, Miranda Lambert, and new guys Kane Brown and Tucker Beathard)… You can hear her talk about all that stuff (and probably more ridiculous-ness) on Saturday mornings from 6am-10am right here, on 95.3 KRTY.

You can follow her on Social Media – promise, she’s kinda witty!

Instagram: thelady_sal
Snapchat: theladysal
Twitter: @LadyLauryn (I admittedly don’t understand how to use Twitter, but sometimes I try!)