Randy Jones

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday — 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

17 years since I first set foot in the KRTY studios and still having as much fun as my first day!

Update to my personal life, got married on August 20th to a wonderful young lady from England, she keeps me in line (as much as she can!).

So many country concerts and events, no two days are ever the same.  Have added airtime to our sister station 1590am KLIV playing “Country Gold” hits from yesteryear, folks like Conway Twitty, Hank Jr. and much much more, you can join me now on KRTY for today’s HOT Country weekdays 9am-2pm, Sunday 2pm-6pm and KLIV for Country Gold weekdays 3pm-7pm.

They say when you love what you do it’s not a job, well all I can say is “Amen”…..I work with some of the best in the business and KRTY / KLIV listeners are the most inspirational, passionate country music fans to be found anywhere outside of Nashville.

I feel so blessed to be a part of the magic that happens at Empire Broadcasting, the community projects, the tireless efforts of management to bring the best of the best entertainment to our local venue’s for the fans, to host the shows at Club Rodeo and The Shoreline Amphitheater, it’s a great ride.

It goes without saying that we’ve been a staple for country music in the bay area for over 25 years for a reason…and that reason is YOU!

Thank you for believing, being there for us, allowing me and others here at KRTY / KLIV to do what we love for a living, without YOU it would not be possible.  We’ll always be here for you.

Now a few thoughts:

  1. Don’t wear tennis shoes or sandals with your cowboy hat, it isn’t politically correct.  Those worn out boots bring out the best in you!
  2. That sushi stuff is ok …. unless you’re Justin Moore ….
  3. When we see each other in the clubs, at the concerts or just around town please take time to say hello ….. it’s a cliche’ but yes, we are family.

Country music, you ….. and my new wife ….. it’s a tri-fecta that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Thanks for everything!

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